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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Trip to the Supermall

Our weekdays are pretty full of doctor appointments, blood draws, chest x-rays, EKG's and whatever other tests you can think of but we like to find fun things to do on the weekends when we don't have to drive int he RIDICULOUS traffic!

This is one fun thing we found. A great big discount mall with a Carousel and since cotton candy was on sale, we had to get some of that too! I got spoiled with a 20 min massage.

This mall ended up being about 45 minutes away which isn't bad as you pretty much have to drive at least 20 min to get anywhere you are going.

After Dinner Activities

On most nights groups and organizations come in and make dinner. A lot of times another group comes in and does art, dance, or craft activities for the kids. Dinner and entertainment - what more could you ask for?!

Playing at Ronald McDonald House

Our car was not big enough to bring all of our stuff over with us on Mon (3/12) so we brought our overnight bags and our amazing ward friend, Peggy Elmer brought the rest over in their truck on Thus morning. So we are all settled in, not that we had that much, for the next couple months until they move us into the "isolation" apartments.

The basement of the RMH is super fun, they have all the soft toys and a tree slide plus pool table, air hockey and arcade games. Aiden loves to play Captain Commando and Street Fighter.,90Y3FmMjrEX8uMbHLVcVPzBBDf-N75Iw,ZzbDJnMjqfs-JxLev540Sn6YRnQolkx4

Here is the link so that you can watch the video of the RMH and see the house! We are in Room 381 in House A. Our first night here we thought we were going to need to stay at the SCCA House because there weren't any rooms at RMH. They ended up finding us a room in House C and switching us to our current room.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Checkin' Out Seattle

We took a quick trip to Seattle to check out the Ronald McDonald House where we will be staying and the surrounding area. We wanted to get a feel and lay of the land. Just in case you want or need to send us something the address for the RMH in Seattle is: 5130 40th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105. If you put attn: Aiden Welsh, the House will have an easier time finding us.
It just so happened that Grandpa Larry was in Seattle this same weekend (convenient) and was looking for a way to fill the time while Grandma Sharen was at her sewing convention and the weather was too cold and windy for golfing (also convenient). So he took us to eat at the top of the Space Needle. We went around one and a half times - super fun! Thanks grandpa! We love you!

New Apartment in Spokane

Here are some pictures of the apartment and complex we lived at here in Spokane - FYI as we are currently packing to move out and heading to Seattle. It was fun for the whole 6 months we lived here.

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4-Eyes :)

We got a letter from Hailey's school stating that when they did her eye exam she was having some issues seeing and needed to be seen by the Eye Dr. We decided to take KP as well and they both needed glasses! Little bit of a blast from the bast cause they are kinda mini-me's. KP is so excited and can't wait to get braces so she is a bone fide "nerd". (Her words not mine).

The Test Results are In!

When we were in the hospital in Nov and Dec, the docs couldn't quite pin down why Aiden was having kidney issues. After a series of tests they determined that his Bone Marrow Graft had failed. Which means - Another Bone Marrow Transplant. Several amazing blessings that we have noticed since receiving the news are that we will be able to have the transplant done in Seattle (moving there soon). Seattle is where the IPEX specialists are (Dr Ochs and Dr Torgerson). They have done 6 successful transplants with IPEX patients and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is amazing! The girls will be attending the Hutch School (for siblings or children of patients) and I am sure there will be a post about it! Our family, friends, ward and co-workers have been so supportive and we appreciate everything that has and is being done for our family. We have been very blessed to be able to have good insurance and some financial resources as our whole family will be moving together and that means no more job for a couple months. We have no idea what we will be doing after the transplant and isolation phases (about 120 days). We will see as it comes! Our first appt. is March 13th in the am. So we will be heading to Seattle on Mon, March 12 to get settled in.

Year At A Glance

We had a great Christmas and got really spoiled. While it was a little weird to be all on our own it was kinda nice and quiet! Santa gave us a bunch of family date nights like movie passes, gift cards to eat out, DVDs, popcorn, treat, etc. MERRY CHRISTMAS

We went to Logan for Thanksgiving and ended up in the ER at the Specialty Hospital because Aiden was all swollen. Turned out to be from a kidney issue. When we got back to Spokane we ended up in the ER here because he spiked a temp and was all swollen again. He had strep, the C-Diff was back and the kidney issue that he needed to be on steriods for. They did numerous tests. Results pending!
The Welsh Family Super Hero Halloween of 2011. Aiden decided that we all needed to be super heroes for halloween. Brent was Wolverine, KP was Thor Girl, Haye was Spidergirl, and I was Mrs. Captian America! Go us. It was fun. Finally we made it to our hotel (after the truck lost AC about 190 miles from Spokane (poor Brent). The Chinese place delivered and was worth every penny. Sadly the hot tub at the hotel was luke warm and not so relaxing but at least the girls got to swim. AHHHHH! Our 12 hour trip from Logan to Spokane went really well (ha ha ha) when we had to stop in Pocatello, ID (90 miles) to "rest". Brent was driving the U-Haul and I had the kids in the car. SO fun. At least they have a playland at the McDonald's where the kids could run around. Brent started his Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University in June and resigned from Call Assistant in July(?). We got a job with Spokane Housing Ventures in Spokane, WA (this is where Gonzaga is located) as on-site apartment managers and were off on a new adventure for a Master's Degree. Bye house! We were in the hospital for about 6 days. We went home without a central line but had a brand new pic line in his arm. He was on some pretty hefty antibiotics for about 10 days then the line came out. Due to these antibiotics, he got a bacteria in his gut called C-Diff that took about 2 and a half months to get over. The antibiotic they put him on for the C-Diff was called Flagell, he had a reaction to it and had some nerve damage in his hands and feet. Pretty nasty. We know never to use that antibiotic again. We were doing awesome until Mother's Day 2011 when Aiden got a central line infection on Mother's Day. It was pretty scary and we got a fun ride in the abulence.

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