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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Playing at Ronald McDonald House

Our car was not big enough to bring all of our stuff over with us on Mon (3/12) so we brought our overnight bags and our amazing ward friend, Peggy Elmer brought the rest over in their truck on Thus morning. So we are all settled in, not that we had that much, for the next couple months until they move us into the "isolation" apartments.

The basement of the RMH is super fun, they have all the soft toys and a tree slide plus pool table, air hockey and arcade games. Aiden loves to play Captain Commando and Street Fighter.,90Y3FmMjrEX8uMbHLVcVPzBBDf-N75Iw,ZzbDJnMjqfs-JxLev540Sn6YRnQolkx4

Here is the link so that you can watch the video of the RMH and see the house! We are in Room 381 in House A. Our first night here we thought we were going to need to stay at the SCCA House because there weren't any rooms at RMH. They ended up finding us a room in House C and switching us to our current room.


  1. Aiden looks like he is loving it so far :)

  2. He's such a cheese ball ;) All the kids look so big! We are thinking of you and love ya tons!

  3. aw, super fun!! aiden looks great!!!! kaitlin looks old...


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