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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I felt Aiden aka Aider aka mini spidy needed a blog that was slightly more manly. Sorry ladies, this one is for the men in the group... don't worry this can be temporary if everyone protests. But any how, enjoy for a while.

Keep Kickin some IPEX trash little SPIDY!
Uncle Dave

New Tricks

So we have been working on animal sounds and along with the ones on this short video he knows monkey, cow, and everthing else makes the tiger sound. :) Aiden is doing awesome. He climbs up and down the stairs, he rides his bike and crawls all over. True to the nature of his 20 months he is getting into everything (including the toilet and toilet paper) and definitely leting us know that he is in charge and things WILL be done his way! Feisty! Just like the rest of our kids. We continue to scale back on the steriods and all his levels are just where they should be at this point. All the docs call him a SUPERSTAR!!! Cause he is doing amazing. The rest of us are hanging in there. We miss being a family all the time not just on the weekends. Thank you all for all your support and love. Thank you for prayers, and time and interest in our life. Thank you for giving your time, talents, faith, love and everthing else! We love you all and look at the results! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We have so much to be grateful for.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Aiden pictures

We have had a few people ask for updated pictures of Aiden. We are thrilled that Aider is doing so well. He is a happy, cute, cuddly boy. He makes bald look cute and those mashed potatoes must be treating him well because those kissy cheeks are adorable. We are fortunate to be inspired by him and his amazing parents and siblings. We took these pictures one week ago at the Gateway outing. Get ready for some cuteness....

Everything Spiderman

Taking a break from the mask. He was such a good boy to leave it on the entire trip. Of course the binkie helps.

Isn't he adorable?! I love this picture!

Playing with Mom.

I think he was blowing kisses.

Tired babies staring into space :)

"Hey Aider, What's up?"

That's all for now! Keep on kicking IPEX's butt Aider. We love you.
Dave, Katie and Emmy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Out of the Hosptial, in New Apartment

Hello everyone, YES we know we have been behind on the blog. So here is the short version, plus a very cute video of Aiden and his cousin Emmy running around and having a great time. OK so YES we are out of the hospital, and we have a nice little apartment set up for Aiden and Kimberly for the next few months (shorter than that if Aiden has anything to say about it) in Salt Lake City. It is policy from the hospital that after a bone marrow transplant you have to stay within 30 min of the hospital in case something happens.
So Kimberly and Aiden stay in the apartment and Brent and the girls drive down on the weekends. Brent stays in Logan during the week so he can work, and the girls are able to stay in school. We have had tremendous help with the girls, dinners, homework etc. Thank you to all that help out.
Aiden is still doing AMAZING!!! He is still taking all his medications, with a few IV meds and some basic fluids still in the mix. All his counts and numbers are up or holding steady. And they have already started to taper off the steroid medication he is on because there is no signs of GVHD (graph verses host disease). Aiden has a new favorite food instant potatos (made with whole milk, extra butter, and sour cream) he practically eats it faster than we can make it.
So we are all still adjusting to the 2 places to live and only seeing each other on the weekends, but with all of your help, support, love, prayes, and everything else is what makes this all possible. Thank you everyone. As you can see from the video Aiden is doing great, if you listen close he is laughing almost the entire time.

TAH TAH for Now!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


(Jen here, writing today's post!) Today is Brent and Kim's 33rd birthday! What an amazing pair they are! I remember the day I met them, my first full day in Logan. We were at church and sacrament meeting had just ended. I stood up to meet all of Quin's (my fiance then) friends and Brent and Kim were first. Kim came right up to me and gave me a huge hug :) I probably never told her what a difference that made to me, as I was scared to death having just left all my family behind in Texas. That was over 11 years ago and we have been best friends ever since (but I always felt like we had been friends forever). Brent and Quin have been friends since they were about 8 which is a looong time. Our kids have been friends since they were born. After all we have been through we consider each other family. They have been there for us whenever we have needed them and I hope they can say the same! It has been a privilege and a blessing for us to be able to stand by them during this experience with Aiden. We are impressed daily by their strength and faith while they continue on through something that is surely difficult and straining on their family. We wish them both a very happy birthday and send them all of our love!

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