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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Out of the Hosptial, in New Apartment

Hello everyone, YES we know we have been behind on the blog. So here is the short version, plus a very cute video of Aiden and his cousin Emmy running around and having a great time. OK so YES we are out of the hospital, and we have a nice little apartment set up for Aiden and Kimberly for the next few months (shorter than that if Aiden has anything to say about it) in Salt Lake City. It is policy from the hospital that after a bone marrow transplant you have to stay within 30 min of the hospital in case something happens.
So Kimberly and Aiden stay in the apartment and Brent and the girls drive down on the weekends. Brent stays in Logan during the week so he can work, and the girls are able to stay in school. We have had tremendous help with the girls, dinners, homework etc. Thank you to all that help out.
Aiden is still doing AMAZING!!! He is still taking all his medications, with a few IV meds and some basic fluids still in the mix. All his counts and numbers are up or holding steady. And they have already started to taper off the steroid medication he is on because there is no signs of GVHD (graph verses host disease). Aiden has a new favorite food instant potatos (made with whole milk, extra butter, and sour cream) he practically eats it faster than we can make it.
So we are all still adjusting to the 2 places to live and only seeing each other on the weekends, but with all of your help, support, love, prayes, and everything else is what makes this all possible. Thank you everyone. As you can see from the video Aiden is doing great, if you listen close he is laughing almost the entire time.

TAH TAH for Now!!


  1. Tell Jared not to be so loud during the video! Just Kidding. The video has been watched a ton in our house and it makes us smile everytime. Love you!!



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