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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back in the hospital again!

We are so happy to be here! HA HA HA Not really! But hey waddya do? We can't complain as he has done so well and not had any kind of issues til now. So it is Thursday, Jan 13 and had was fussy all night long. When he woke up I took his temperature and it was 38.1 C. Well the rule is that anything over 38.0 C is a fever. So Brent came home from work and we packed up an overnight bag and drove to Salt Lake City. They admitted him right away and started taking blood samples and swabs of everything so they could determine what was causing the fever.

They started him on antibiotics and fluids as soon as we were settled in the room. needless to say aiden was not thrilled to be back in the hospital. He did ok but stopped eating and sleeping. That was super fun.

Most of the tests came back negative. He did come back positive for Ebstein Barr Virus (EBV - this is the one that causes mono). The rule is that you stay in the hospital until you are fever free for 24 hours. Aiden had a temperature the rest of Fri and until Sat early in the morning.

Because he didn't have a fever on Sat in the day, they sent us home on Sun afternoon. So we were there a total of 3 days. They still aren't exactly sure why he had the fever. We did learn that his EBV was high enought that they scheduled us to come back down to SLC for clinic that Wed for a special medication that helps fight EBV.

Kaitlin and Hailey were super lucky cause they got to stay with Uncle Dave and Aunt Katie. They even had Fondue night without us! They got to play with Emmy and Grandpa Larry took them swimming. I was informed by Aunt Katie that the girls took naps everyday while we were gone! Looks like a new presidence has been set! NAPS! Score for me (see how delusional I am?)

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  1. Aunt Katie makes everything fun and I cant wait to come back down for fondue night!


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