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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We got to come home for Christmas and it was so fun. Aunt Codi and Uncle Jared came to stay with us from Greybull Wyoming. These pictures are from our party with Brent's family. Grandma and Grandpa Goonan spoiled the kids rotten.

We got to spend a little bit of time with all of our family members. My family all got to be together this year because Kendra and her family came up to Logan and this is the first Christmas since Darren and Lisa moved back! It was so much fun to see everyone. I was really lonely in Salt Lake.

The kids were really spoiled all the way around. The girls were gifted enough money from their grandparents to buy Nintendo DS's and a game. They got some new shirts, videos, toys, art supplies, books, and an e reader. Aiden got mostly Spiderman, toys, shirts, toothbrush, poster, movies you name it! All spiderman. Lucky kids.

We went to see the movie Tron Legacy and really enjoyed it. Even Aiden loved it. Since we went on Christmas day there was hardly anyone there. Mostly we just spent time catching up with family and had a great time together.

Christmas was great and we are so glad that Aiden has done well enough that we were able to come home and see our family. This year has definitely been an adventure and while we like adventures we hope that next year is a little more boring.

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