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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Grandpa Larry was awesome and got this tree for us to have here in SLC from the Festival of the Trees. It also came with lots of fun alphabet games and toys underneath that we are saving for Christmas! Thanks Grandpa - we love the tree. Aiden has acutally been really good to only play with the train underneath and not try to rip all the ornaments off (yet!)
And the stockings were hung fron the chimney (or banister) with care...wouldn't be christmas without stockings right?!
This is our penguin. Grandma Rutu brought some of her extra decorations down for us and this is one of the ones we get to borrow. Aiden loves it. It is so nice to have some of the Christmas spirit here. I find that I am really missing being home with everyone right now. Last night Brent and the girls and some of our friends decorated our tree and I was a little sad that I was unable to be there and help.

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  1. You know me I couldn't stand not having Christmas looks great and we are counting down the days!!


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