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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Pictures of Aiden

The Ronald McDonald House had a professional photographer volunteer to take pictures of the families staying here and so I had to have some of Aiden taken, OF COURSE :)
We love the Spidey stuff. He now had 3 spiderman shirts, 1 pair of pj's and the hat. Plus a patch and a bunch of wall stickers of Spiderman. I had a guy ask me if we were starting him a little young. But waddya do?
I also wanted to make sure that we had enough documentation of the baldy head and fat cheeks!
This one is my favorite! If you want copies I can email any of these so you can have one! I may be biased but he is the cutest ever! Lookin' good buddy!


  1. I would love one and I can't decided so pick on for me and he is the cutest ever!

  2. hey, you should frame one for my parents! or, ya know, just send one to print for me 5 x 7 and i will frame it...since they're my parents :) see how lazy i am??? love the pics! ah, what i wouldn't give for a photography flash...


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