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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dinner with the Fire Fighters!

 About a block up the street is the local Firehouse and every month the RMH invites the Firemen to come and have dinner and socialize.  One of the really fun things is that they bring the fire truck!  They even had the lights going.  Aiden ended up pushing a bunch of buttons and releasing the brakes ( of course).  All the firemen jumped forward so fast you would have thought there was a fire (ha ha ha - yes lame but appropriate).
Hailey got a lesson on how all the hoses and levers work.
 And KP thought she was funny cause in this picture it looks like she is getting run over and her "hair" is on fire.


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  1. Miss K.P. your hair does look like it is on fire! How fun!


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