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Monday, April 30, 2012

Upgrade Our Room Please!

 On the SCCA floor there is a nurse whose husband draws each child a poster when they receive their transplant.  All the nurses sign it.  This is Aiden's and it is perfect.  He loves it!  It is on the door to his room.

 So getting a new room has a little bit of a story.  The first weekend we were in the hospital, Aiden was exposed to chicken pox.  Policy at the hospital says that any child exposed has to be in isolation and in a negative air flow room, so we got a new room.  We are not complaining at all as this room is so much bigger and nicer.  Hey if you gotta be in isolation, might as well do it in style.
"Go away sisters, I'm busy." I am not really sure what we would do with out the "lily pad" as Aiden calls the IPad.  It has been a life saver, not that the girls agree as they never get to touch it.  Aiden has almost mastered the spiderman game, and is getting really good at puzzles.  Occupational Therapy even gave us some apps that help him learn to write his letters and words.  Staying busy and learning - who needs preschool?

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  1. make sure you laminate the poster so it will keep!!! that's so cool!!


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