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Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Break!

 We figured that Spring Break had to mean doing some fun things with the girls and while Gramma Rutu was here visiting.  So we went to the Seattle Aquarium.  I was a little worried that Gramma was going to try to take off with some of the fish when she started using baby talk and telling them to "come see dis gramma".  Guess maybe she needs some pet fish at home   :)
 This fish kept circling around and getting really close to the glass so he could check us out.  I kept having flashes of the fish talking about all the weird people on the other side of the glass.

This is the closest we got to seeing a shark!  What kind of aquarium doesn't have a shark?  :) 

 This octopus (I can't remember the name) was one of my favorite things.  It was so cool to watch it move through the tank.  It's tentacles would creep along the glass right at the edge of the water - like it was testing the boundaries. 

When it stopped, it changed colors from a orange-red to kind of white so that it would blend in with the rock.
 While on this outing to the aquarium we went to eat at Ivar's on the pier.  This particular Ivar's is the original - we had fish n' chips and clam chowder.  We even got to feed all the leftovers to the seagulls.   

 I wonder how many pictures with Ronald McDonald we are going to end up with?  We went to see Disney's "The Chimpanzee" which was really cute.  Hailey now wants a pet chimp - preferably a baby one.
 We also went to the Lake Washington and Carillon Point (named after the Carillon bells that chime to mark the hour).  It was beautiful and sunny so of course we had to get an ice cream cone from Ben and Jerry's.
 This is a cool statue at the park near the Lake in Kirkland.

 This is mom, the girls and Aunt Sue.  She lives in the Seattle area and has been friends with mom forever.  I stayed at her house often when I was young and it was so great to hang out with her for the day.  She is the one that showed us Carillon Point and knew about the park by the Lake. Good call!

While we spent quite a bit of our Spring Break at the hospital - we did get to do some fun things and we enjoyed having Gramma Rutu here with us.  Hailey couldn't wait to get back to school though!

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  1. The octopus kinda creeps me out! What a cool time with grandma!! If I come for a visit you will need to take me to all these amazing places!


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