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Monday, April 23, 2012

Get Set - A Week of Chemo!

 So we are on the SCCA wing on the 3rd floor which is for hematology/onchology patients. We also included a video of out luxurious room. Please forgive the orientation of the video.

 Chemo went well.  Aiden had 5 days of chemo with 4 different kinds. Sunday of this week he got all of the chemos on one day including the mean one - but he did great! They premedicated with antinausea meds and tylenol to keep him comfortable.  He did great.  The docs were impressed because he kept eating all through the chemo.  They had planned IV nutrition after the third day!  Way to go Aiden.  He is a superstar!
 Of course our constant companion is Mr. Pump.  Since this photo we have added a few more pumps for all the different IV meds and nutrition. 
 Delicious hospital food.  They finally had to do IV nurtition after his transplant cause he stopped eating in quantity.  Now it is just a taste here and there.  He is still drinking quite a bit though.  He loves root beer, milk, slushies and coke.  :)
 The rule is  a tub everyday!  We really love this cause we get to skip the "getting used to water again" step after transplant.  We have discovered that Glad Press and Seal works great to keep water out and it sticks to skin (but not too much).  The very best part for Aiden is the heated blankets!
Daddy loves the hospital!  Aiden took this pic all by himself.  They keep busy playing games and taking pictures on the IPad and the smart phone. 


  1. I think my favorite picture is the one with the 2 sisters!! Love you guys!!!


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