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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tests, blood draws, and more tests!

Lest you think all we do is play...we are at the SCCA or Seattle Children's Hospital  almost daily for something and Aiden is a trooper!  So patient with all the doctors and tests and owie pokes.  Way more patient that Brent or I, he is truly an example of patience and long suffering (maybe some of that will rub off on me).
Chillin' through the EKG!  Everything looks good.
 His gamma globulin were low so they had to give him an infusion.  There is a story that goes along with this that will remain untold to save keep Brent's PTSD from flaring up.  Getting a boost of IVIG is a good thing cause it helps him fight infection.
 This is one of the many blood draws that Aiden was having!  He is so brave and has all of the phlebotomists wrapped around his little finger.  Every time he goes in he comes home with several new toys.  We love Bull (a phlebotomist) cause he always gets it on the first try and is really quick!  The one necessity is the blue blanket (Blue) and as Aiden says "Blue helps me be brave". 
He was put under once to do a bone marrow aspirate.  This is post procedure - totally passed out.  It took him a min to wake up cause he just wanted to nap.  It was obviously a rough (and early) morning.  He did spectacularly and while some people complain of soreness or pain, we went on as usual. 

He has also had a couple chest x-rays and met multitudes of docs for clinic appts and base-line exams (CDC, eye exam, dentist, immunologist, SCCA docs, Bone Marrow docs, nutritionists, pharmacists, and so on and on and on).  Things are looking good.  There have been a couple of bumps that we are in the process of resolving.  One new and interesting development is that his donor cells from the first transplant have been increasing 8% to 14% to 22% at the most recent tests.  While this is potentially a good thing, the T-reg cells (the ones we need to cure the disease) are all his own.  They have taken more blood to do a retest of the T-regs.   We have stumped the docs!  Way to go Aiden.  More info forthcoming.

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  1. We love you Aiden and know how wonderful and brave you are.


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