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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day -10and -9

Since his counts were so low, we had to be even more careful about what Aiden was exposed to even with just us and the girls. This was a little bit of a challenge as we were trying to get ready to come back to the hospital. We found out that my niece has the stomach flu bug that's been going around so the girls will be staying with my mom for a couple of days til she is feeling better. The girls are planning on coming to Salt Lake this weekend to see Aiden and so can't be exposed to anything or they won't be able to see him.
Kaitlin took this picture - pretty cute. If you will notice the fat, rosy cheeks he has actually gained weight since we've been home. Mostly what we have been doing is packing and going to the grocery store and packing and laundry and back to the grocery store, more packing and cleaning, hair cuts, etc. Busy busy but we finally(10:30 pm on Wed night) got everything all set and ready for going back to the hospital tomorrow. This is the long haul. At least 4 weeks. One week of chemo then transplant then 3ish weeks for his immune system to come back online. Luckily we have requested "the suite" at the hospital :) We got the girls dropped off to mom's and they did ok. Kaitlin was really sad to see us go this time but feels a little better that she will get to see us in a few days and she will be busy doing all sorts of fun things until then!

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