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Thursday, September 16, 2010

We've Arrived

This is the cool horse outside the front entrance of Primary Children's Medical Center! Aiden was like "Ok--what are we doing here at this time of the morning and why am I awake?" At least I look chipper!! It is all a ruse! We were up packing last night until about 12:30. Then Aiden had a little bit of a rough night. His new thing is to wake up every hour and a half until 5 am then sleep solid til 11am! Not sure I love the schedule. But then again--sleep is probably over rated :)

Here is our hodpital room number and we are in quarentine because one of Aiden's tests last week said that he had the rhino virus "common cold" and since we are on the ICS (Immuno Compormised Service) Unit we have to stay put. They are even doing a special chest x-ray to make sure that his cold is all good and we are good to go with the first chemo!

So last night we had a shaving party to get everyone ready for the hospital. Daddy's chin, Aiden's head and mommy's legs. Obviously we wanted to see the bald head and chin, not so much the legs :) We love the new fuzzy head and it is chemo friendly.

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Let me out! My new jail cell or bed :) Just kidding he actually really likes the new bed cause he can walk around and around and around. Plus it puts him almost exactly level with the TV so he can watch all the new new and novel cartoon channels that they have here at PCMC. The girls are gonna be so jealous!! We are getting all caught up on our cartoon watching. Already we have seen Shrek 4, and are currently watching the Princess and the Frog! Luckily it is almost nap time.

At this point we are waiting for the chest x-ray so that we can make sure that everythingis good and healthy so that we can start on the test chemo. Thank goodness for wireless networks and netbooks and all the other technologies that keep us entertained. We have been visited by a myriad of docs, nurses, nurse practioners, etc. and were told that the goal is still to be outta here on Mon for 10 days :)


  1. I love my little Aiden's new hair-do. He is so cute and I am so glad that TV is a distraction for him. We love and miss you guys and hope all goes well. Keep the blog coming!!!

  2. you didn't tell me you shaved his head! now i'm glad we got his pic :) he looks great! are you going stir crazy yet?


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