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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nurses on the ICS Unit at PCMC

So I couldnt get a picture of EVERY nurse that helped us each day so I decided to get a picture of Irish. He was never actually our nurse, we just have a history so I used him as my rep :) Irish took care of my little brother Michael through his BMT and all the times he was in the hospital throughout the 5 years of his life. He is AWESOME! As are all the nurses that have taken care of Aiden. I just had to give them the credit and appreciation that they deserve because they have all been great! We really appreciate that they are so willing to take care of our needs and more importantly Aiden's needs. They are very thorough and caring. They are concerned about making sure that everything is as comfortable as it can be as well as staying on top of all the medications and monitoring to make sure that Aiden was doing well through the chemo treatments and after. We are so grateful for them and the job that they do! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!! So many thanks!

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  1. yay Irish!!! Wow..nice to see a familiar face...aaahhh memories!


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