Thank you Cache Valley!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

And we're back!

So Daddy had to wear a mask too and then Aiden could wear his. And we were so glad cause he kept it on all the way to the ICS unit. I think it is because Brent made sure that Aiden's monkey wore it in the crib the whole time we were at home. Smart daddy!
This is our nurse, Sally. We are doing all the basic getting settled, which of course includes vitals! We called last night and asked how early we needed to be here - if it was imparative that we be here at 8 am. They said that we could fudge the time a little and we took full advantage. So we got here after all the shift change business and it went super smooth getting everything settled and taken care of. Everything looks good and we got all hooked up to the cords and tubes.
Here is our picture board. As you can see we have lots of room left and we want to fill it up. We also have 3 cupboard doors that we can decorate so send us pictures and letters and stuff we can hang around the room. You will send it to Primary Children's Medical Center 100 North Mario Capecchi Dr. Salt Lake City, Utah 84113 Attn: Aiden Welsh. Aiden loves pictures so we would love to see more of them!
And here is our "suite" . As you can see from the pictures that follow...

Here is our couch and it even has a drawer! Sweet. It makes out into a twin and the back pad can be put on the floor is also relatively twin sized. Maybe I will take a picture of our couch as a bed :)

They tell us that in reality it isnt that much bigger but it feels a lot bigger than the last room we had. Thanks Hillary for hooking us up!

The bathroom - and now that we know that we can use it - this bathroom is bigger than the "parent's bathrooom" that we used last time we were here.

Our shower even has a built in seat/shelf! Thank goodness Aiden is still in diapers so that we can use it. :) We are all settled in at this point. I will post tomorrow. Brent has already asked me three times what is taking so long! I told him that I was doing 12 days of posting in one day! Thanks all for checking on us and we are doing awesome!


  1. He looks great and happy! I think he missed the tv most of all. Love you and we will have mara and branden color pics for him!

  2. we're on the wall!!! that almost makes me cry. i'm glad you have the SUITE...lucky you :) good job on the blog! see you in a week.

  3. oh Aider! He looks so good! I love the chubby cheeks! I'm glad he did so well when you were home. Looks like he has a bit of his mom in him with the cleaning thing :) keep us posted.


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