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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day -8

Ok so after we got all settled in it was bath time. "Geez mom don't get it in my eyes". We have been doing sponge baths as it is really hard to have an actual bath with the dressing on his central line. Technically we could do a bath in the tub but then we would have to change the dressing everyday. That is just a lot of sadness for Aiden.
Watching TV while we bathe makes it go easier. The hospital has warm blankets and that is his favorite part of the whole process. While we are doing chemo they like to give baths daily so that the normal germs everyone has on their skin (staff, yeast etc) get washed away thus not causing issue for a boy who is this immune compromised.

This is Aiden's doctor. Dr. Mike Pulsifer. He is really great and one of the only docs that is "allowed" in the room. At least Aiden doesn't cry when he comes in. He is really great and very knowledgeable. I really appreciate that he is very calm and composed no matter what question or issue may come up. It helps me (as a parent) feel better and know that everything is under control and something they are aware of and can deal with.
So today started out really good. The chemo that he is getting for the next 5 days only runs for half an hour. So much nicer than the 5 hours for the last chemo treatments. He did really well through the chemo and of course had his normal hospital diet of spaghettios and vanilla yogurt. We did mix things up a little and drank Mtn Dew instead of Coke :) He didnt really want to sleep though. He didnt take a nap at all until about 5pm then he was really restless. He woke up after about 45 min and wanted to be held while he slept for awhile longer. At about 7pm he woke up and was really upset and wouldn't stop crying. As the night progressed he started to sound really "barky" like he had the croupe. They gave him some pain meds and that seemed to help a little but he was really sad and grumpy. He also didnt want to be put down. At about 12:30 am he threw up. They had already been giving him nausea meds so they upped his dose. He also looked really puffy. Needless to say neither Brent or I got much sleep as we were rocking Aiden all night in the rocking chair - not great for sleeping.

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  1. Awww..I'm sorry for the rough day. I love you guys! I can't tell you the feelings this stirs up and I'm not even in you shoes....You are troopers! I'm so proud of you Kimbo!


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