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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day -4

So the girls went home today. Aunt Lisa came to get them from PCMC and take them back to her house. It wasn't even too sad cause first of all the girls will be back on Thur with Aunt Kendra and Grandma Rutu so they can be here on Fri for the Transplant Day celebration! Also, Anut Lisa has a DVD player in her van that was really distracting. The girls were exhausted from their busy weekend and I wouldn't be surprised if they fell asleep in the van on the way back to Logan.
This is Monica. She has actually been our nurse for three days in a row! She is really great. We have liked having some consistency and Monica does an awesome job helping us and Aiden. Today was our last day of Fludarabine. He has done well with this chemo we even took him off the oxycodone and that seems to help him feel a little more with it. He also has some extra energy from the blood tranfusion.
Not only is Aiden a motzart but he is also a little artist. He loves to use the markers on the white board and he feels like he has some freedom when he can be down on the floor playing by himself.
Yay! Toys! We decided that since he hasnt had Child Life bring him in any toys that it was about time. He was also feeling left out cause he didnt get to go with the girls and do all the fun stuff. He really like to hit Daddy with the hammer :)
Today was a good day. Aiden had an actual bath in the bath tub! Which was kinda fun for him. He does have a little bit of a rash still that they have been treating with benadryl and some hydrocortisone. That and the nap from 7pm til 8:15pm had him outlasting me. I think that Brent and Aiden were up until about 12:30am watching Spiderman 3. I passed out around 11:30pm. But like I said before - Sleep is overrated, right?! Thank you for visiting. Please comment and let me know if you have any questions or anything that I should make sure to add to the blog. We love and apprecaite you all!


  1. He is quite the artist. I think you need to get a video of him dancing before he stops doing that everytime he hears music. We love you and are on our own count down to transplant day!!! Give him hugs and kisses from the Wyoming crew.

  2. Your blogs are so fun and informative. It's great to be able to follow Aiden's progress. My, how things have changed in the last 15 years!
    Kimberly and Brent deserve alot of credit for the wonderful job they are doing as parents in this amazing process!!!!

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  4. Just wanted to say we're cheering for Aiden and are counting down the days with you! We love you guys!
    -Mark, Heidi, and boys!!


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