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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day -7

This is our sad, miserable boy. When the docs came in this morning they asked us how things went and heard is "barky" cough. The theory is that he may have some kind of virus (possibly the one he came in with last time we started chemo, possibly a new one) and that what happen is the airway constricts. So where the airway is supposed to be about the size of a nickel his is about the size of a pencil eraser (or smaller). So they took him down for x-rays of his chest/lungs and throat. They also did the booger suck test so they could see what virus we are looking at. He seems to be really swollen also and not interested in eating. The hard thing is that Aiden can't tell us what hurts or feels bad so we are just guessing on how to help him feel better. Another thing that happens with the constricted airway is that they don't like to lay flat cause it makes it harder to breathe hence the wanting to be held the whole night before.
So they will watch the airway thing very closely and they will treat it as needed. They are putting him on some cool mist treatment. He gets it through a mask we hold up to his face. He is actually doing pretty well with it - all things considered and it seems to be helping. He is not having any trouble breathing or congestion in his lungs it is all in his throat.
So - after all the excitement of x-rays and booger sucking and baths and no sleep the night before, Aiden passed out. He slept for about 3 1/2 hours. When he woke up he had peed out and he looked better. He decided he wanted to eat, finally and he seemed to be feeling a little better. They got the x-rays back and his lungs are fine, his airway is constricted but not so much that he is unable to breathe. They also found that his stomach was so full of air and gas that it looked like a balloon and might have been one of the reasons that he seemed to be in so much pain. And might explain all the burping while he was eating. :)

So after he ate and watched Barney and the Wiggles he fell back asleep, poor exhausted thing. He slept from about 4 until we woke him up at 10pm for meds then went right back to sleep until about 1am. They he was up and happy and wanting to eat and play and watch TV. Lucky daddy got to spend quality time. He is doing so much better! Feeling happy and active and playing, eating, etc. He is also sleeping comfortably and doesn't sound as "barky" Even the docs were impressed with how much better he is doing. I am just so thankful for the Priesthood and the blessing that Brent gave to Aiden at about 5 am last night and the faith that is out there that made that blessing possible!

He obviously thinks that he is so big and can eat apples whole! Crazy - he crawled to the couch himself and loves looking out the window in our room cause we can see the front entrance of the building with the fountain and all the people and cars coming and going. He were lucky cause last stay we could see life flight and the helicopter come and go and this time we get to see the hustle and bustle of the hospital.
Aiden did great with the chemo treatment today. No throwing up or side effects. They gave him some IVHG (gamma globulins) a boost for his immune system to help fight the virus, and a myriad of other meds for a variety of purposes and he is tolerating them all well. Blood pressure is great, vitals look good, O2 up, energy levels are good, white/immune counts down. They got the initial results back for the viral snot sucking test and it was negative for all the big bad uglies like RSV, Influenza and some others that are life threatening. They secondary testing that will tell us what virus he has won't be back for 48 hours but all the other viruses we can deal with. All great stuff! We love you all! Thanks for visiting the blog.

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  1. Day -7 is a heartbreaker! :( poor little monkey. On the bright look beautiful Kim :)


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