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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day +14

"I'm gonna get ya!" Aiden had a much better day today! He still felt a little sick in the morning but his fever broke. He did have a little bit of a low grade fever at night but was good the rest of the day.
His rash is also better. He is feeling better every day. His ANC was up again today to 2400. Still going up! So good. 2400 is a normal ANC level. So that is GREAT!
"Hey everyone! I love my spiderman shirt and I am doin' good." Aiden and Daddy are having lots of fun together which is good cause Brent is jealous that I get to sleep in our cozy bed at night.

Aiden is getting lots of fun stuff for Halloween from all the volunteer groups! They are so great and really brighten up the kid's stay in the hospital. This light is one of the fun things that was brought in and he loves it! I got this video and was so happy to see how much better he is doing too!

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  1. BOOOOOO (and not the friendly kind of Halloween BOOOO) for day +13. But YEAAAAA for day +14. What a difference a day can make!


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