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Friday, October 8, 2010

Day -2, -1 REST DAYS

I think that "rest days" is a little bit of a stretch! We still had the normal meds and doc visits, and mouth care and all that good stuff - just no chemo and I dont think that any of us really got any rest :) Still things are still going well - clipping finger nails and watching TV. Does it seem that we do a lot of that? YES, yes it does.
Look - twins :) Same head tilts, same dazed and vacant eyes. Spiderman again. Yes!
" But I am really happy guys!" The couch has been a fun place to play and take a break and we love our view.
So on Thur at the end of the second rest day (-1) Kendra and mom (Ruthann) came down. They were supposed to bring the girls with them but Kaitlin was up all night the night before throwing up. Mean ol' virus. So they are just going to come down on Sun and we will celebrate the transplant and Hailey's 7th birthday! She is having a party on Sat and I will be expecting photos from our personal family photographer, Jen so that I can post some on the blog for you all to see. We are sad that the girls can't be here but...that's life. Thanks to Aunt Lisa who had to stay up all night with Kaitlin cause she woke up throwing up every hour and a half. At least she made it in the bowl every time. I am going to be staying at the hotel with Kendra and mom tonight and I am so excited to sleep in the bed. It really is Brent's turn for a huge break as he is an amazing husband to keep letting me sleep in the real beds and hang out with the fam! So Dave - when you coming down to take Brent out for some boy's time? Tomorrow is the big day! Love you all- things are going so great!

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