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Friday, October 8, 2010


So the original transplant time was supposed to be 3pm. But since we are on Hospital Standard Time we didn't actually start until 5:30pm. So we were waiting and waiting but at least it was in good company. Cousin Sammy - who was a real trooper cause it wasn't exactually the best and funnest thing to do!
Playing with Grandma Rutu. Love the mask, but she was super worried about it. Aiden's counts finally dropped last night to 400 which is great and scary cause we dont want him to get sick or be xposed to anything! They were having fun putting the lid on the water bottle - aaahhhh so easily entertained (for about 5 min). They have been loading him up - hydrocortisone, tylenol, benadryl, etc etc. I dont even know all the ones. I think they gave him something for his kidneys to make sure that they were all good and ready plus all his normal meds and mouth care. They also started him on another antibiotic and antifungal cause his counts dropped.
Samuel the poser. He wanted to have his pic taken so that he could see it! What a cute boy! All he wanted was to go see his cousins in Logan.
Brent finally got to take a little break and we stayed here with the grumpy boy. He kept pointing at his head and crying - headache so they gave him some pain meds cause they are also wanting to make sure that if he is getting any mucosis in his eustation tubes or throat we keep him comfortable. (your homework is to look up mucosis to see what it is exactly - there will be a quiz tomorrow).
Yummy twix bars! His eating has fallen off a little. He has had some nausea and thrown up a couple of times and just to make sure that he gets all the nutrients he needs and keeps his weight up they are going to be starting him on IV nutrition tomorrow. He is still eating but not a lot. Hence the bribery with twix bars (or whatever else he may want to eat!)

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