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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day +15

Today was a great day! Aiden and Brent had so much fun playing and Aiden is feeling lots better. No fever at all today and his breathing has slowed down. His rash is mostly gone and he is doing amazing! The docs say we can go home sometime next week!
Aiden loves to climb under the crib and play with his toys. He really loves the stickers that Aunt Katie and Uncle Dave brought him. His ANC is up again! Keep growing those soldiers buddy!
I got this picture from Brent with the tag "bald is sexy"! So now we have a little baldy boy! And he is cuter than ever. I told Brent that we should call him cue (not to be maistaken for Q from 007 - but cool just the same). Good thing that hair grows back and he looks so cute bald!
It rained today in SLC! Aiden loves to sit in the window sill and look at the birds and the people and the rain! It is the closest he has been to outside in quite awhile. Until next week when they let us go! We can't wait.
The girls and I have been having lots of fun today too in Logan. We went to Lindsey's reception and had lots of fun visiting with all of the cousins that came to the wedding! It was so good to see everyone and Lindsey looked beautiful, the ceremony was wonderful and they are a super cute couple! What more can you ask for? Life is good!

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  1. Bald is BEAUTIFUL! I say we get all the Welsh boys to shave their heads!! We love you Aiden and are so proud of how hard you and your little body is working. Love from Wyoming :)


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