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Monday, October 11, 2010


On Saturday Hailey celebrated her 7th birthday with a costume/carnival-themed party. It was SO much fun!! Emily put in a lot of work putting together the games and the kids got to play penny drop, ring toss, ball toss, and duck pond. When they won a game they got tickets that they saved up until the end to buy prizes, just like at a fun park. Of course, there was face painting, too, because what's a carnival without that?? It was a great party. We love you Hailey!! Enjoy a few pictures from the day...(and yes, this is a FEW, there were 122 to start)
The face paint was definitely in demand!
The Ninja and The Hippie (Kaitlin and Bekah)
Mabel battling the ducks!
Hailey's face paint!
Ring Toss! Harder than it looks, trust me.
Emmy's tutu blocking the ball toss
Jen and Bekah...rockin the bright pink ;)
Even the stray random cat got involved! Those ducks never had a chance...
The games were excellent!
Crazy Faces...and Emmy is trying to get away...see? hahahaha
Penny Drop Game
Kaitlin's face paint
The group
Movie tickets and treats, what's better than that!?
Hailey's piece of cake!
No, she didn't eat it all.
Oh how I love to take pictures of Emmy!!!
Hailey cashing in her tickets
The cutest face EVER! I had to put this picture on :)
Ashley was brave and let the girls paint her face!
The other very brave face painter, Andrea


  1. It looks like a blast and what a fun day for Hailey!! I wish I could have had my face painted ;)

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  3. I am wishing I had a kid with an Oct bday! What a great idea! It looks like they all had a great time! Happy birhtday Hailey!

  4. What a great party! SOOOO much thanks to Emily for putting it on! Those baby faces are ADORABLE! :)
    yay for birthday parties and good friends who help parents when they cant be there!


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