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Friday, October 8, 2010

BMT Birthday Party!

Mom and Irish (Licorice- as Mikey used to call him) still close after all these years they got to reminice ahppy memories of Mikey while he was in the hospital drinking vivonex (don't ask) and belly laughing at Irish with the garbage can on his bum :)
"I love these blowy horn things! I can't do it but I like the tickley ribbons on the end!"
So our updated board has the "Engraftment Calendar" what happens is the docs, nurses etc pick the date they think engraftment will take place and then put money in the attached envelope then the winner donates the money to Aiden :) Brent and I picked 10/24 as the engraftment date (day 16) This is Isaac's birthday and felt like a good day for us! We know that he has been looking down on us and helping Aiden and our family through this. Along with all our other special boys who are on the other side (Mikey, James, Casey, Isaac, Jordan) While we miss them all we know that they are part of the reason everything is going so well! How could it not with all those guardian angels watching over us and all the love and faith from all of you angels here with us. We love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything! I know that I have said it before but my heart is so full and though saying thank you is not near enough for each of you or for our Father in Heaven who has truly watched over us and Aiden and blessed us it is the only way for me to express my appreciation and gratitude right now! Thank you again and we love you again!

So when the kids get the actual bone marrow transplant all the nurses and BMT NP's and docs etc like to make a big deal. It is a little anticlimactic after all the chemo etc cause it is just like a blood tranfusion but is such a big deal and a great thing that they have a little party! Since you all couldn't be here we wanted to share it with you cause it was fun!

They even made a banner that we get to hang in his room. Irish got to be here for the party and it was so great to have the continuity and have him here for our special day!


  1. Yea for updates! We were starting to get concerned. Poor Kaitlin. That's no fun to have the pukes. She has been trained well already about the germs. When she got in my car on Tuesday she asked "Before I touch Emmy, Has she been sick?" I said "no." Then she got all excited to play with her. So cute and funny. Dave said yes to the "man date" with Brent ;) It's a date! He said they can do lunch or leave Brent in the car to take a nap. Love you guys. Go Aider!

  2. What a great and fun way to make something special. Those nurses and doctors are wonderful. We love you!!!

  3. hey katie, tell dave to bring quin...he needs a date :) hahahahaha

    thanks for the huge update kim! that was awesome and i will admit...i cried a little. keep up the great work!

  4. Definately tears here!!! Sweet memories of Mikey!!! What a blessing to have such a great family!!! Lots of prayers from ND!


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