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Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 0 Again

Ok Everyone - Just a quick update as I am sort of ignoring the blog. Because of the way they administered the marrow and the fact that it took so long, we technically had two day 0's cause it took two days to get all the marrow in. So we are off our schedule by one day. Aiden had a really rough night while they were doing the Marrow transfusion and he was up screaming all night until 7am this morning when he finally went to sleep for 3 hours. After his second nap he was a lot better and has been doing great ever since. We are just waiting for the Marrow to engraft and start making new cells. This usually takes 2 -3 weeks and we are praying that it will be really boring cause during a BMT boring is a good thing. Thanks for visiting :)


  1. Hey! Mom said you guys had fun with the Girls for Hailey's birthday! Glad you all got to have a day together! Give Aiden loves from us! Hope you guys are hanging in there! xoxox

  2. I will be hoping for lots of boring days for you and sleep filled nights for Aiden. We loved talking to Hailey, she was happy and loved being spoiled! Love you all!!!

  3. Thanks for letting me hang out with Aiden while you enjoyed spending the day with Kaitlin and Hailey. We had lots of fun watching Spider Man! Again! Here's to many boring days ahead!!!!

  4. Kimberly, Heidi LeBlanc passed on your blog to me a little while ago and I've been reading through all you and your family have been going through. What a trooper you are! I'm so sorry to hear about all the struggles little Aiden has to go through. You sound so strong, and I so admire you for that! You & Aiden are in my prayers!


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