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Friday, October 8, 2010

Here comes the Marrow!

In this blue cooler is Aiden's new immune system blue prints! We dont know who the donor is or where they live etc. It is all confindential until 1 year after transplant. Then if everyone consents we can contact one another. Not sure what was going on with me in this picture, but I am obviously horrified by the Barney that was playing on TV at the time :)
Here's what it looks like. Because the donor is AB+ and Aiden is A+ blood type they have to be a little more careful when they run it in. They will be doing over 4 hours, then we wait 4 hours then run a second dose for another 4 hours to make sure that we dont overload Aiden's body or send it into some kind of reaction from the difference. His new blood type will be AB+ like the donor.
Getting ready to start the first dose! YAY! We made it this far and Aiden's donor is young (early 20's) healthy and a 10 out of 10 match which is so AWESOME! Couldn't have asked for better. What a blessing - we are so excited.

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