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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day +4

So the girls were out of school for 3 days for fall break and they decided to come and stay with us. Brent and I took turns staying with the girls at the Ronald McDonald House on S. Temple. Our friend Mindy had an appt. for her son here at PCMC and so she brought the girls with her - Thanks Mindy!!
One of the great and wonderful resources for parents with children admitted to PCMC is the use of the Jewish Community Center. They have a gym, pool, classes, activities, day care etc. So the JCC is so great and offers a complimentary pass for the time you are in the hospital. We took advantage of that with the girls to go swimming. They even have a hot tub (although the girls were too young to go in). They offer spin and Zumba classes which I fully intend on taking advantage of.
Aiden is doing well and was excited to see his sisters. We have gotten into a little bit of a schedule where Aiden will nap in the afternoon around 12:30 and we have a couple of hours to run errands or go to lunch or do something out of the hospital. We love the Smith's Marketplace on 5th South and 5th East! It's "almost" as good as Walmart :) (I hope you hear the sarcasm here)

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  1. I love the JCC. I didn't know they offered free services to PCMC! That is awesome! I worked their during my college years at the U. Love that place. Glad you guys are doing well. Not much new in the 19th ward. We miss you guys and we're thinking about you and praying for you! Go Aiden!!


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