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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day +6

So - How to Train Your Dragon came out on DVD today and so we had to rush to Walmart and buy it. Kaitlin and Hailey and I saw it twice in the theaters and loved it. Brent had never seen it and so he wanted to get it just to see what all the hype was about. I really love this show :)
We also went to Gateway today while Aiden was napping. Gateway is a cool mall! We ended up getting Hailey a bunch of new pants cause all of hers that we got for school are too big. Lucky her. That means KP gets a bunch of new pants too cause she gets to wear all of Hailey's. At least there is a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory there so I got to get a caramel apple!
Aiden isn't feeling very well today. It was a rough night and he has continued to have a fever. The docs told us that he has a virus in his blood stream. (CMV?) About half the population does and it isn't a big deal unless you have no immune system. They are treating it and they will until his immune system is strong enough to fight it back into submission. They expected this so it is "normal" and he is doing well still. He also had his last mini dose of chemo today and they doubled up on the nausea meds and gave him some pain meds also so he took a really great nap. He needed it! Please keep up the faith and prayers!!

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  1. I love all the cute pictures but my favorite thing is the ghost blanket...I want to just snuggle it and Aiden if he would let me. Glad you had company and the girls!!! Keeping you in our prayers and we know his numbers will grow soon.


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