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Friday, October 8, 2010

Day -3

Geez mom! Another picture? I love this look I am getting from my 18 month old. So this is our last day of chemo and it was another great and thankfully uneventful day! I love uneventful days where we are giving chemo. This one was a little scarier for me as it was a more harsh chemo than the fludarabine that he was getting the last 5 days. But he was a trooper and did great. We did double up on the nausea meds and that always helps him. We are just waiting and counting down. We fill our days with eating...
And watching a lot of TV. This stay it is Spiderman - all of them but especially #3 cause you get to see Spiderman a ton in that one. He has watched it like 6 times. Since I dont love it anyway I havehad to find other ways to fill my time. Aiden has also decided that he loves to be a night owl and stay up until 1 or 1:30 am. Killer for the mom and dad as we dont get any sleeping in with all the docs and nurses coming in. We are doing great and so glad that he is doing so well with all the chemo treatments.

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