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Monday, September 20, 2010

Day -19

Ok, so first things first. I did the post for Day -20 late at night and while I was doing it I was thinking - I thought I took more pictures than this. My camera doesn't know what to do with itself, I think I have used it more in the last 4 days than in the entire 5 years we have had it. I ususally just turn the picture taking duties over to Jen, Codi, Mom and Kendra and then just have them send me copies. It is already needing new batteries and we just changed them the night before we left to come here. So, anyway I found the extra pics I took and I edited the post for Day -20. You can check it out if you want.
Today they had everything just right. They gave him the med for nausea, one for pain, one for his blood pressure and the several for all the allergic reactions like tylenol, benadryl. They also gave him the upped does of hydrocortisone and he flew through the day. HAHAHAHAHA. I am laughing cause he did do well but it was still long with all the vitals checks and he was still kinda cranky. At this point I was ready for a nap!
Obviously so is Aiden :) Kicking back. He loves to put his feet up and we have moved his bed so that he is really close to the TV. WE are creating a TV addict. On purpose.He loves Mickey Mouse Playhouse. We may have to get cable when we get home just so that he can watch the Disney channel.

Maybe we need the Disney channel for Dad too :) I think they are actually watching the Hulk at this point. All the nurses loved Brent's Thunder Cats Tee shirt too.
We love the Dad.

So this really was an uneventful day! When you are in the hospital doing chemo that is an excellent thing. He tolerated his last dose of the Campath so well. He got a few extra hives that they gave him one extra dose of steriods to take care of and he passed out at ten after watching TV and playing like crazy. He even seems to be tolerating the steriods better. He is doing so well. We got to talk to the girls on Skype and they had a good day too. While we are all missing each other things are great. The docs said that since he is doing so well they are going to keep him for observation tomorrow and do a few tests to make sure that everthing looks good and if it does they will send us home Tue morning. :) We are really happy that he has done so well through this! Thanks for all your prayers! I know that a lot of you really want to know if there is anything you can do to help us and faith and prayers, though unseen, are what are making this process be such a positive experience for our family! Thank you all! YOU are amazing and so is my sweet boy who is really flying through this! GO AIDERS!

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  1. GO AIDERS IS RIGHT! I've never seen so many pictures of Brent LOL. I think you are right about your camera being confused. We are so glad your keeping up on the posts. It helps us feel connected without bothering you too much. Hope you can make it home for a few nights. I think of you on the air mattress every night and I usually end up in tears. Keep us posted on the potential homecoming. So we can bring over the grocery list. If you get some down time, send me your list.

    Love you all,
    Dave, Katie and Em Emmertons


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