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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Days -16,-15,-14,-13,-12

I love this picture of him. My mom took it on her phone! SO SO SO SO SO cute. So I know that I have been such a slacker about posting since we were home but we were doing so well and just enjoying our time. It was actually really nice to have an excuse to not go anywhere or do anything! Just relaxed. We did clean and disinfect our house 2-3 times a day. For those of you that know me I, I also really enjoyed having an excuse to do it :) and Brent couldn't even say anything. In fact he was more anal about it than I was. Aiden did great the whole time we were home. He started crawling a lot more and climbing up the stairs on his own. He learned a couple more signs and says "tank oo" and "gurt" (yogurt) but only when he feels like it. We were so impressed and feel so blessed and thankful that we got to come home and spend time with the girls and as a family. We were so blessed that he did so well. We had one doctor tell us that when they send patients home after this type of chemo they almost always end up back in the hospital. Thank you all for all your faith and prayers. We know that the success we are having is in large part due to your continued support, love and faith in our behalf. Thank you will never be enough to express how we feel about everything that we have received through and from you all and from our Heavenly Father. I definitely have to give all the credit to my Heavenly Father for making sure that not only are we receiving all the things that we need to be able to go through an experience like this but we have so much more that this experience truly has been a blessing for us. We love you ! Thank you for checking the blog.

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