Thank you Cache Valley!

Monday, September 6, 2010

We have a schedule!!!

Transplant date has been set for OCT 8th!

We will be in Salt Lake for a myriad of tests on Sept 7-9

Sept 13th - Educating parents day
Sept 16th - Admitted to Primary Children's Medical Center (PCMC)
Sept 16th-19th - First Chemo drug (we will be admitted to the hospital for these days, if he tolerates the chemo well they will send us home for 10 days at this point. If not we will continute to stay in the hospital.)
If they have sent us home we will be readmitted to PCMC on Sept 30th
Sept 30th-Oct 3: Second Chemo drug
Oct 5: Third Chemo drug
Oct 6th-7th: Rest Days


At this point we wait and watch for the new immune system to come back online and get to acceptable levels that say it was successful!

We want to thank all of you! Aiden is doing wonderfully at this point, he is gaining weight and feeling good. It has been amazing for us to feel the faith and prayers that have been put out there on our behalf and know that the hope we have felt is due to the love and support we have received from everyone! Thank you thank you! Words are not enough to express our gratitude and appreciation. We have been so blessed. We know that this journey will be an adventure and we have a lot of hope that things will go well! We will continue to update the blog on Aiden's progress.

The Welsh's (Brent, Kimberly, Kaitlin, Hailey and Aiden)


  1. Aider is ready to kick some IPEX butt!

  2. That must have been uncle Dave that left the above comment. We are thinking about Aiden and the whole family and yes, looking forward to 'kicking some IPEX butt!'
    Aunt Katie

  3. Brent and Kimberly, You guys are awesome! Sorry we have not kept better contact with you. Annicka just found this site, and we will continue to follow, hope, and pray for you guys. Aiden is so cute and full of life. We Love you guys and are thinking of you.

    The Albrechts


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