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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day -11 Clinic Visit

So today we had a clinic visit at Primary Children's. They took some blood and changed Aiden's dressing on his central line. He did great. We had to wait until the labs came back before we could go so it was a pretty long appointment - hence the cool toy. We got a canister of the disinfectant wipes and Aiden had to wipe down everything- even Brent. It is funny cause some of his favorite things to do are wash his hands and disinfect stuff with the wipes. Everything looks great. The red counts are up and holding and the white are down (which is what we want). He looks so good they sent us back home! Yay!


  1. This is for all the post below! I love how big he looks and I love the video of him playing with his toy..he always does it his way and no other. I always knew he would be a music genius he has been since taking grandpas iphone and listening to pandora. Love you all..xoxxo

  2. he does the same thing to my phone! it's so cute to see him rocking out to the songs :)


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