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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day -17

So they are sending us home. We talked to the doc this morning and he said that everything looks good and so we can go! Now we just have to get all the stuff we unpacked, repacked. It was acutally interesting, before we came we just packed up all the things we thought we may need (in plastic garbage bags). As we were packing to come home we are so glad that we can go home and repack cause we will do it differently for the next stay! We brought too much of some stuff and not enough of some stuff and next time we are going to for sure bring food that we can make in the parent kitchen cause eating in the cafeteria and out is super super expensive, even if you are careful! It took Brent 4 trips to get everything out to the car. After 4 and a half days of sitting he was glad for the movement :)
So by the time all was said and done we left the hospital at about 3:15. Crazy. I think that we were supposed to leave around 11:30 am. :) We are now on Hospital Standard Time. Any of you who have dealt with the medical community know what I am taking about. Aiden did have one lone hive that popped up on his leg and we had to watch it to make sure that it went away before we could go. Acutally this was really good. I didn't want to get home and have him have a reaction and then end up back in the hospital. It did go away and we signed the papers and were out of there (after we got all the extra meds that he will be on at home from the pharmacy). So they are sending us home on an antiviral, antibiotic, high blood pressure med, liver med (to help his liver with all the chemo drugs etc), cyclosporin (anti-rejection drug) and iron. None of these meds tastes good. I have tried them all, some taste better than others. But the worst one of all of them is the iron. WE may have to try putting it in Coke or something.
Going, going, gone. I aqm really excited to be able to come home for a few days. I think that it is a really needed respite for Aiden, us and the girls. I am glad that we will be able to spend time together before the long stay. I know that we have missed the girls and they have missed us and Aiden. They love staying with Darren and Lisa (my bro and sis-in-law) and have done great! Probably better as Lisa is really good at having and sticking to a regular schedule :) But I can't wait to see them. They are staying one more night at Darren's and we will pick them up from school tomorrow.
We will be home until Sept 30th. That is when we will be readmitted for the next round of chemos and the acutal transplant. While we are at home we have to be really careful to make sure that Aiden isnt exposed to anything (viral, fungal, bacteria, infection etc) So we are pretty much quarantined. While we would love to be able to see and visit with everyone we have to ask you to please love us from afar :) The girls will be going to school and we are going to start following the after transplant protocol of showering as soon as they get home from school, OCD handwashing and every vitamin, supplement whatever we can think of. So please call, text and keep checking the blog for updates. I don't think they will be as regular while we are at home. We have a clinic appt on Mon and I will be sure to update you as things change or we have more information. Thank you all again for all that you do for us and our family! We are doing great!


  1. Well this comment is for all the last 3 post...I am so glad you have the apartment thing figured out. I love the pic of Aiden not wanting to get his picture taken. I am so glad you are home and I love his oversized mask that he is wearing, but most of all love that he is keeping it on!! Miss you tons and tons..dont forget to skype! hugs and kisses from the whole wyoming welsh family :)

  2. We are glad you guys get to be home for a while. We hope all goes well until the next appointment. Hopefully we can get up there sometime to see all you guys. We love you guys and are thinking about you.

    The Albrechts


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