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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Playtime with the crazy boy!

Ok so I thought I would start today's blog with a video of Aiden playing. He did really well today in the beginning. They are giving him Ativan for stomach aches and Oxycodone for pain on a schedule and it has really helped him. Obviously you can see that the steriods make him a little CRAZY :) or maybe they are just bringing out his true nature.


  1. Thanks for sharing the video! We are checking the blog a million times each day so keep the updates coming. Love to all of you!

  2. it was the bear!! i have to tell my dad the bear is there with him :) he will love it! cute the knuckles. awesome idea to do the video!!

  3. Loved the video and I think he is the cutest thing ever!! Can't wait to see more.


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