Thank you Cache Valley!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We are almost ready to start this adventure! We have to be at Primary Children's at 8:00 am tomorrow morning to get admitted (or possibly committed). Which means that we will be leaving here at 6:00 am. Not sure how I feel about that. But here we go! They will actually start the first round of Chemo tomorrow after we get all settled. We have been packing like mad for the last 3 days and I still feel like I am forgetting something. Probably just the fact that I am losing my mind. We have updated family pictures some of which I have posted. Last week and on Monday Aiden had a myriad of tests done and everything came back healthy and great. Which is the best time to start a transplant. He even gained 2 lbs. The nurses and doctors were pleased as they hardly ever see weight gain pretransplant! I will try to be better at posting as now I will be confined to a hospital room without anything better to do :)! We love you all and feel so blessed. We know that we will continue to be blessed and are so glad that you will be able to witness the miracle that is Aiden!

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  1. I know that if anyone can make it through all of this and still look like they have it all together it will be you. You will probably even make it look easy. I miss you guys and love you so so much that I cant stop crying right now. Love you and prayers are on the way!

  2. Ditto to what Codi said! Love the new pictures. We look forward to witnessing this little miracle. What a blessing he is! Go get 'em Aiden!

  3. i LOVE that last pic of aiden! i mean, i took it, but i didn't know he looked so cute! he really looks great and healthy and i'm happy to hear he has actually put on weight :) now he can go and kick some ipex trash! love you guys!


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