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Friday, September 17, 2010

Day -22

Ok - so a little about BMT dating. Transplant day is considered Day 0. Everything they do before Transplant is considered minus days and everything after labled as positive. So right now we are on Day -22. Here is a little of how our day went!
I love new toys and daddy! A little floor time cause we got sick of playing in the bed!

SO they have a great thing here called Child Life. It is a program that employs development specialists who have been trained to work with ailing children and their families. They can come and work one-on-one with your child, provide respite to parents or best of all bring all sorts of toys into the room for your child to play with. So we took advantage of that right away! Yay for new toys!

Now lunch. They have food here set up on a "room service" schedule. What that means is that they provide you with a menu and you can pretty much order anyting on the menu anytime between 7 am and 7:30 pm. Today we had lunch of mac & cheese (which was hhhhhhot - according to Aiden) and...

coke in a sippy. Delicious and nutricious :) This is slightly important as we see a reappearance of it shortly when we start chemo. They started the chemo at 5:15pm. We had some other meds first to help with the possible side effects like: benadryl, tylenol, and hydrocortisone. They will continue to give these to him every six hours until we are done with the chemo treatments on Sun. They take vitals every 30 min during the chemo treatment which was 2 hours today. He did ok for about 15 mins and then started to sweat and cough a little and cry. About five min later we saw lunch come back to haunt us :) He even sneezed out two macaroni after we got him cleaned up, poor baby.

And now a much more comfortable Aiden after Ativan to help with the tummy sickness. Now they will just give that to him as part of the meds to help with the side effects. He did well through the rest of the treatment which ended at 7:15. The rest of the evening was a little rough as Aiden was fussy and irritable (who can blame him?) but we haven't seen any more side effects at this time. Which is so great. He is really really irritable due to the steroids they are giving him. Again thank goodness for technology. Other than that one little hiccup we are doing great and so is Aiden. Thank you all for all of your prayers and love and support. WE definitely feel it here. More to come later!
Oh and a PS: Aiden hates hates hates to have his temp taken under his arm.


  1. I love the new pics. I love his hand being up because it is too hot. I am sorry that he got sick but glad they can fix it. Branden also needs Aiden's new address. He told me he got a choice to write to anyone in the world and he chose Aiden. We love you!

  2. Hi!!!! This is all wonderful news and I can't wait to see you guys soon. Our love and prayers are continually with you.


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